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all about mua

I really have no sense of where to begin so bare with me LOL. But hey, I'm Shannon! I'm a traveling photographer from the midwest in constant search of an adventure! & luckily, most of the couples are right there with me! I have loved art my whole life but only started photography a little over a year ago now! I consider myself a little weird, but also outgoing, & a damn good time! I have been personally victimized by tattoo artists because after my first, I craved another, and another, and another. Sorry dad. I believe every person should watch Criminal minds at least 3 times in their life because it really doesn't get old. & I believe whoever dipped their grilled cheese in their tomato soup deserves an award because I could eat that for every fricken meal. I have the cutest damn dog, Benelli (see photos below), & an amazing boyfriend who is honestly my other half. He's been here since the beginning & has supported me all the way through! Another one to ride or die with me is my sister Erin, RON for short. She's turned into a pretty damn good videographer too & is already 75% booked up for 2020 only having 3 engagement films & 1 wedding video. yeah she's that good. I wish I could show you every single person who has made an impact on my life but you'd be here for a while. So for the time being, enjoy the ones below:)

Anywaysss, I'm ultimately here to serve you in the best way I can. I've be SO blessed to have made amazing life-long friends who are also in this industry. I have learned from the best of the best, & have become so confident as a photographer that I know I can give you the experience you are envisioning for yourself! I hope I get the opportunity to prove that to you.
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